Understanding baby behaviour and awareness

Your baby’s awareness is developing all the time. She’s learning where she fits in the world – about the people and things that are important to her. As she gets better at communicating, it gets easier for you to work out what her behaviour means.

Your baby's developing awareness

Through practice and the lessons he learns from you, your baby can now tell you apart from everybody else. He now understands where he ends and you start. He might even recognise his name, or his face in the mirror. Now he knows you’re a separate person, he understands that you might leave and not come back – a terrifying thought!

Your baby knows the difference between feeling hungry and feeling sleepy. You might also understand more about her and the things she does. For example, you might be able to work out the difference between what she does when she’s hungry, and what she does when she’s sleepy.

The world is starting to make some sense for your baby, and for you.

What makes your baby happy

She will become very attached to things, as well as people. She might love one toy much more than all the others. She will definitely prefer one person to everyone else. She will be scared when that person – usually mum or dad – goes away.

What makes your baby anxious

Instead of being afraid of everything, your baby might become afraid of specific things. As he learns what to expect of life, the unexpected might really upset him.

Your baby is learning who the important people in her world are. So she might get anxious when she’s held by people who aren’t important or familiar to her. Sometimes, she get upset when unfamiliar people talk to her.

What interests your baby

Your baby will want to use things the ‘right’ way, and will start experimenting with objects to see what they’re for. This might involve dropping your phone in the cat’s water dish or tipping the sugar bowl onto the rug.

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